Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Some of our customers were kind enough to send us comments on our work. Here are their testimonials

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Garage Door Back on Track

The door went off track, which was the reason why we could not open or close the door completely. I called Garage Door Repair North Saint Paul and let them know about my concern. They gave me an estimate of the service, which I thought was reasonable. I hired them for the service and they were able to place the door back on the track. They did not simply place the track back but they also tested the door to make sure that it was working fine. Aside from fixing the problem, I was also happy with the service received because the technicians were really very nice.

Auto Reverse Function Now Working

The safety and security features of my garage door are important for me, especially since I have kids and so I want to make sure that they are safe. My auto reverse feature did not seem to work since I often do a check by placing an object under the door and see if it would automatically reverse. This morning it did not, so I called Garage Door Repair North Saint Paul to have it checked. Help arrived quickly and the technician immediately checked on the door to determine why the auto reverse function was not working. Problem was resolved in less than an hour, and I could be at ease again.

Garage Door Replacement Service

"I have managed to put off getting my garage door repaired for a couple of years now. I had an old wooden door with rot in some places. I hid the visible damage with duct tape and paint. I thought it was fine but my girlfriend didn't. Now that she's moving in, I decided to call this company to get a proper garage door replacement. They provided excellent professional service. They checked my door, asked me what I wanted and recommended some options. We agreed on a door and they soon came back with the perfect model. The installation went great. It wasn't pricey too; it was really reasonable. I'm happy and the best part is, so is my girlfriend."

- Leonard M.

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